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Saralee Siegel (Book One)

Saralee Siegel has a secret weapon. But it's not a normal secret weapon, like super strength or invisibility. She has a super-nose! 
When Saralee helps Zadie, her grandpa, in their family's restaurant, she can sniff out ingredients like no one's business.  As Rosh Hashanah approaches, it's time to slow down and wish each other a sweet new year. But not Saralee. This year her family needs her to make Zadie's famous apple cakes all by herself- even though she doesn't know the secret ingredient. Then a rival restaurant threatens to steal the recipe and all their customers. Saralee is going to need persistence, luck, and her super-nose if she's going to save the day! 


This fast-paced, magical story is told in an illustrated chapter book format.

"A bit of magic and a happy ending make for a sweet New Year story. Delightful."
Kirkus Reviews 

 PJ Library Selection book 

National Jewish Book Award Finalist 

Tablet Magazine Best Jewish Children's Books of 2019

Behrman House/ Apples & Honey Press

Ages 7 and up 
ISBN 978-1681155494

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Saralee Siegel  (Book Two)

Does starlight have a smell? If anyone can find out, Saralee can. No one in the world has a nose quite like hers. A super-nose.

Saralee is the master sniffer in her family’s restaurant, able to identify ingredients from a mile away. As Sukkot approaches and Zadie prepares to welcome their holiday guests, he has a mission for Saralee: sniff out a brand-new recipe that’s never been done before.

Gazing at the stars through the roof of her sukkah, Saralee has an inspiration. What if she could smell her way to the stars? What if the stars had a scent? A flavor? But when Saralee’s Starlight Soup is a taste-bud disaster, she’ll need an open mind, a little luck, and her super-nose to save the town!

"A touch of creative magic tempered by love and kindness. Welcome back, Saralee."
Kirkus Reviews 

 PJ Library Selection book 

Behrman House/ Apples & Honey Press

Ages 7 and up