Apple Cake Makes Tablet List

Once Upon an Apple Cake made Tablet Magazine's list of best Jewish children's books of 2019.

"Once Upon an Apple Cake by Elana Rubinstein, illustrated by Jennifer Naalchigar, is fast paced, easy to read, over-the-top, and tasty. Saralee Siegel is a kid with an amazing olfactory sense, which is helpful when your family owns a restaurant. She can sniff out every ingredient in a recipe and help her Zaydie with all the cooking … but she can’t discern that one mystery ingredient in his spectacular, mysterious Rosh Hashanah apple cake. Now Zaydie’s in the hospital (spoiler alert, he recovers); the new year is fast approaching; cake orders are pouring in; Saralee has yet to figure out that elusive ingredient; and sinister recipe spies from a new neighborhood restaurant are sniffing around the premises. Will Saralee’s schnozz save the day? Naalchigar’s cartoon-y illustrations add to the fun. (Ages 7-10)"

Read the full article here.

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